Boston Gold Derby

The Derby Boston features classic brogueing perforations, gimping and wingtip toe. It also features a removable and interchangeable decoration fixed with the shoe laces. It´s a classic with a modern twist suitable for casual or semi casual ocassions. It comes with cotton laces and our handburnished natural cow leather finish with no more than just a subtle sheen. It features a classic leather sole and heel. They are made under the Blake Stitch construction method and are resolable.

Seller Story: Founded in 2014 with the clear objective of designing and producing high quality shoes, from our own workshop straight to the consumer and without the mark ups of the retailers. We want to offer the best leather shoes, honestly handcrafted, delivering true value four your money. Our shoes are made at our own facilities in León, México, a city with +400 years of proud leather tanning and shoemaking history. Our shoes are made under the traditional processes, and as a result, we offer a high quality and affordable shoe. We use only the best materials available to offer long-lasting and attractive products. Every pair of shoes gets all the attention needed from our craftsmen in our stress free shoemaking process and without hurry. This is Adro´s way and it only leads to an amazing result in comfort, quality and longlasting attractive products.


  • Products are made to order and could take about 30 days to arrive.

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