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Classic Curved Reusable Straws

Includes 3 Curved Glass Straws + 1 Cleaning Brush. A portion of the profits of every purchase will go directly to environmental conservation and restoration efforts in the southeast USA.

Seller Story: As a husband and wife team, we founded Cypress Straws to address a small part of a much larger problem. Since the invention of single-use plastic, our oceans and waterways have become a dumping ground for billions of plastic and styrofoam pieces from around the world. Marine mammals, sea turtles, shore birds, and other aquatic creatures can be severely affected by the plastics that invade their ecosystems. At Cypress Straws, we know we need an alternative. Our glass straws are recyclable, clean, durable and made in the USA. Our handy travel pouches are washable and locally made from recycled denim and organic cotton cord. We believe that by providing an easy and fun to use straw alternative, and reinvesting some of the profits back into our community, we can be part of the solution to alleviate the pressures that plastics put on our environment. As our company grows (now 4 people strong!) we hope to spread awareness and educate our communities while prioritizing a cleaner ocean as our key initiative. We truly believe that small changes can have a large impact!


  • Dimensions: 9" tall
  • Material: Borosilicate (Made in the USA)
  • Care and cleaning instructions: Our glass straws are dishwasher safe so feel free to put your straws in the utensil container on the bottom or top rack of your dishwasher.
  • 1 cleaning brush is also included - just add soap and scrub your heart out.