Handmade Phosphorescence Batik Scarf

These stunning, unique scarves are handmade in Yogjakarta, Indonesia using eucalyptus fiber cloth. Not only are they wonderfully soft, but also much lighter on the environment than traditional materials. Hand made by Bagus, and a group of 7 young women he has trained in this ancient technique, each whimsical piece is a one-of-a-kind work of wearable art! Batik is an ancient Indonesian technique for painting cloth using wax, dye and canting (the traditional tool for painting the wax onto cloth). 

Seller Story: Gadabout is an old English word that roughly translates to "one who travels for pleasure." Gadabout Goods was begun by an inveterate gadabout as a platform for sharing travel treasures and hosting a supportive community of independent travelers. We offer a thoughtfully curated, small batch collection of home goods, accessories and gifts from India, Southeast Asia, and North Africa. Seeking out only the most beautiful and best-made accessories and gifts through extensive expeditions throughout the regions, we focus on handmade items that support small communities, with a particular emphasis on empowering women. These mindful practices allow us to make a difference in this small world.

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