Men's Low Top Wool Slippers

Three years of design to create the perfect foot-forming slipper that shapes to the curvature of your foot like a second skin. Made from quality wool blend ensuring breathability and reduced perspiration. With non-slip split-leather sole for maximum flexibility and durability. 100% ethically made.

Seller Story: Combining nostalgia with functionality, Kingdom of Wow! designs are about embracing the art of slow. Made ethically, our footwear is a work of love. Our workshop in Cambodia provides a safe and healthy work environment for our team, a place where our products are created with care and commitment to the sound of friendly chatter and laughter. Our footwear is durable, carbon compensated and contributes to female empowerment.


  • Sizes cover two regular shoe sizes because of the flexibility of the materials: order your size as you normally would.
  • Itch and odor-free
  • Quality wool provides breathable insulation - skid-proof
  • Can be occasionally machine-washed using a cold wool program, dry flat



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