Men's Vegan Extra Fit Summer Shoes

Make the most of summer in cool classic styles. Made from quality breathable canvas uppers and naturally cooling jute soles with organic rubber for durability. Designed to offer ready-to-wear comfort for those with a higher instep.

Seller Story: Combining nostalgia with functionality, Kingdom of Wow! designs are about embracing the art of slow. Made ethically, our footwear is a work of love. Our workshop in Cambodia provides a safe and healthy work environment for our team, a place where our products are created with care and commitment to the sound of friendly chatter and laughter. Our footwear is durable, carbon compensated and contributes to female empowerment.


  • Breathable canvas/cotton uppers
  • Jute rope soles with organic rubber outer layer 
  • Elastic band feature for high instep comfort
  • Traditional Blanket stitch detail 
  • 100% biodegradable
  • 100% vegan 
  • Made responsibly in Cambodia
  • Marine - navy toe with gray and white strip heel
  • Urban Jungle - khaki with orange detailing
  • Urban Nights - navy with yellow details
  • Eburnean Black - black denim toe with beige heel

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Out of Stock