Nepal Himalayan Roast Coffee

Our Himalayan Holiday blend is a balanced, bright, and dynamic roast made with Single Origin 100% Arabica coffee grown in Nepal and craft roasted in Denver CO. Features notes of tangerine, brown sugar, and cinnamon. We pay farmers directly at 3X the Fair Trade price for Arabica coffee. 

Seller Story: Bhavana Coffee was created after it's founder took a vacation to Nepal and was inspired by the kind, tight-knit community and their rituals of inviting anyone in for a cup of tea or coffee. She sought out to bring their traditions, and coffee, to America. Every purchase of this Nepalese coffee creates jobs, improves infrastructure, and offers opportunities for women, girls, and children in these communities.


  • Region: Nuwakot, Nepal
  • Altitude: 1150-1300 meters
  • Farm: Alpine Coffee Estate Varietal
  • Bourbon and Yellow Caturra Processing
  • Fully Washed Wet-Processed