Pink Bag

This one of a kind pink bag is handwoven on a backstrap loom by Mexican artisan: Maria Ruiz Ruiz. This bag takes 14 hours to make and is made with 100% cotton thread.

Seller Story: Artisan2You is a non-profit organization based in Chiapas, Mexico. We work in partnership with women from isolated communities in Chiapas. Our products include shawls, scarfs, bags, cushion covers and more. All of our items are handmade by the artisans from cotton thread using the technique of backstop loom, which has been passed down generationally to our makers. Your purchase helps deliver an improvement in their quality of life, as well as for the artisan’s family! It means they can now afford vegetables and meat for their meals, they can visit the doctor, buy the medicine they need, be able to send their children to school and so much more. Our mission is to build a sense of pride within our artisan women partners through economic, intellectual, cultural and personal development.


  • 16.5x13.8in