Pink Himalayan Grapefruit Soaking Salt

These soaking salts help with fatigue and stress and benefit the body from the inside out. They treat skin conditions and improve internal processes and contain more than 21 essential minerals.

Seller Story: Life is too short to choose between healthy skin and a healthy planet. We put the customer first, delivering sustainably sourced, high-quality products, at affordable prices; always people, pet, and planet friendly. Our vision is to transform the skincare industry with a new standard that drives selfless consumerism and supports philanthropic business. Choosing products not only for self-benefit but for the benefit to the environment, community, and a sustainable lifestyle. We will leave our legacy as good stewards to our bodies, the planet, and a healthier future. We give back to nature and develop healthier skincare products; made with natural, organic, sustainably sourced ingredients – free of fillers, preservatives, and harmful chemicals. With only one body and one earth – it’s our priority to protect and care for both.

Ingredients: organic pink himalayan salt, organic grapefruit peel, organic pure grapefruit essential oil, organic pure lemon essential oil, organic fragrance