Room Spray

These room sprays are made with essential oils. In small spaces, the scent will last for around 6 hours. They come in a metal bottle with gold, silver, or black lids.

Seller Story: BAK´S is a company dedicated to the creation of different types of oils for room aromatization, body mist, pillow mist, aromatic candles, and diffusers. We have the experience necessary, as well as a high sense of commitment to the preservation of the environment. BAK´S provides employees with a well-paid income and a dignified environment. BAK´S processes the raw material imported from Grasse, France, then proceeds to the classification of materials, cleaning of impurities and bottling. At BAK´S we have a commitment to the environment. We have standards that guarantee control at all times contributing to the conservation of our limited natural resources and avoiding pollution. We are committed to the well-being of future generations. We protect labor rights by guaranteeing a living wage, health care, constant training, legal advice, and flexible schedules which allows us to have employees with a sense of belonging and fidelity to the company. Bak´s seeks to create a need for aromas in daily life, in addition to finding a meaningful way to connect people through the sense of smell.


Scent options: 

  • Black Cherry - dark cherry, black raspberry, merlot
  • Pomegranate - lemon, raspberry, pomegranate
  • Limoncello - lemon zest, Sorrento lemons, cane sugar
  • Stress Relief - eucalyptus and spearmint
  • Guilty - pink pepper, orange blossom, lavender
  • Stars - bergamot, apricot blossom, fluffed sandalwood
  • Gingham - blue freesia, white peach, fresh clementine
  • Reef - eucalyptus waves, tropical citrus, bright mint leaf
  • Midnight Blue - juicy citrus, spring water, sweet mango
  • Dark - black raspberry, burgundy rose, vanilla bean

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