Sicaru Tenango

This unique bag is made with leather in Tenango. It features a hand embroidered strap, stitched by the artisans from Otomi's Region in Hidalgo. The strap is adjustable and detachable.

Seller Story: Quetzalt products are handmade in leather with embrodery from local regions of Mexico. The techniques used are from Tenango de Doria (Hidalgo) and Juchitan (Oaxaca). We offer handembroidered bags, shoes, and accesories. We collaborate with the artisans. We are a house of Mexican design that exalts and preserves handmade fabrics and embroidery. When you purchase a product from Quetzalt, its a cutural reference from Mexico, a symbol of identity, heritage, and legacy of tradition of embroidery and handmade fabrics.


  • Height 28.5 x 36 cm width

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