Stone Treasure Earrings

Also known as Dahila earrings. This combination will create an unconventional and interesting look.

Seller Story: Our goal is to use ethical fashion to tackle social issues surrounding health, education, and poverty. Our Mission is to build a brand that is committed to sustainability and to support people working to make a change in their communities by creating ethically made accessories. We are Currently located in Canada but we work with inviduals in different parts of the world including Ecuador and as we grow we seek to increase our reach and impact. We offer Fair trade Jewelry made in Ecuador. The pieces are primarily made of Tauga seeds, which are sustainably harvested, dryed, cut and dyed using eco friendly methods. These pieces include various earrings and necklaces. We love the artisians that we work with because they do such an amazing job with each piece. The men and women who make the pieces are paid equally, which means that people can afford to send their kids to school and access quality health care. A fair wage helps ensure good living standards and a better future for artisans’ and farmers’ families. Most of the women that work on these pieces are the main caregivers in their families and some of them are the main breadwinners. We also seek to work with different non-profit organizations in Canada and the US to tackle different social issues surrounding health, education, and poverty. One campaign we are currently running is for the sickle cell organization to raise awareness and support the people in the community who has this disease.


  • Shipping to US and Canada only! 
  • Due to the nature of the seeds, there may be a slight variation between the pair.
  • Material: Tagua seed and surgical steel that makes them resistant to rust.
  • Size: approx 2.1"