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Sumatran French Roast Coffee

Organic. Fair Trade. Direct. Deep and earthy with a spicy verve. Our darkest roast!

Seller Story: Dean's Beans Organic Coffee Company has been roasting delicious small-batch organic coffee in Massachusettes for 26 years. For over two decades, our mission has been clear: to use high quality, specialty coffee as a vehicle for positive change. We do this through activism, ecological responsibility, and innovative direct development programs with your cooperative partners. Each player in our cycle of production and distribution, from the farmer to the consumer, participates in socially just and environmentally responsible trade. We only purchase beans from small farmer cooperatives, primarily made up of indigenous peoples working hard to maintain their culture and lifestyles. Look in your kitchen - do you know where your beans come from?


*only able to ship 1 or 2 pounds per package