Wooden Milk Crate - Standard Long

It's a chair, it's a table, a shelf, no wait... it's a wooden milk crate! Milk crates are one of the most useful and versatile containers for record storage or anything storage! It can be flipped, stacked, carried or wall-mounted, to fit any of its multi-use functions. It is no wonder they go missing from milk companies from time to time. Little did anyone know, milk companies take milk crate theft very seriously...Sometimes punishable by fines or imprisonment. Yikes! You won't have to worry about any of that with us. Each of our crates is made from high-density birch plywood, clear-coated, and sold "prosecution free."

Seller Story: WAAM industries has always been a company on the move. Founded in 2012, it has taken over spare rooms, basements, garage stalls, and back yards. In the past year, it has landed somewhere between our industrial workspace in Minneapolis and our ever-changing home studio. We are inspired by vintage finds, flea markets, and classic roadside garage sales. Many of our products at WAAM are based on simple utilitarian objects that play an important role in everyday life but are often overlooked. A milk crate made of wood, a waxed canvas paper bag, a cinder block turned to tinder. Our goods are designed with intention and are built to last the test of time! All of the WAAM products are made in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are dedicated to supporting and sourcing our materials from U.S. companies, using minimal packaging and zero / recycled waste processes. WAAM Industries is comprised of husband & wife makers Andrew & Hanna! Together we design functional objects built to be used in everyday lives. Our Office Manager, Allison, keeps us organized and order fulfillment on track.


  • High-density birch plywood
  • Satin clear-coat lacquer
  • Standard Long: 18.5"l x 13.6"w x 11.38"h
  • Holds approximately 75-100 albums
  • Made in the USA