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Reeta began her journey into the beauty industry in 1980. Educated and trained in the UK and Europe she specialized in Aromatherapy under its pioneers W.E. Arnould-Taylor and Dr. Elizabeth Jones. Returning to establish herself as a creative blender and artisanal producer of aromatherapy products she began trading in 1983 with a passion for ethical and clean beauty, community and sustainability. Our products are all-natural aromatherapy skincare and we make them entirely in the United Kingdom. All our products are vegan except our balms which contain beeswax and are therefore Vegetarian. We are of course cruelty-free, we always test on friends and family never on animals! We are proud of our products because we use pure high quality, high-value essential oils instead of “perfume’ or ‘essences'' and carrier oils and herbs, flowers and plant extracts that are so good but rarely used in skincare because of their cost. Our mission is to bring our customers genuine wellbeing and natural beauty through products that are safe, responsible and sustainable. We achieve this through a sociopreneurship business model where many of our products are handmade by artisans and the rest are made in small family-owned and run factories in England and Wales. Buying our product supports real people and impacts small communities. In addition to this, we plant 1 tree for every 1 product sold through our reforestation partner.


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