The Etho Process

Our Ethical Verification Process:

Because we carry a variety of products from sellers of different sizes and origins (the beauty of The Etho), we found it necessary to create our own verification process. You can shop comfortably knowing that we have done all the screening for you.

1. Pre-CheckWe conduct a general pre-check on each seller’s certifications and ethical claims by having discussions with the owners and management and referencing information available online.

2. AgreementWe share our 7 Core Ethical Principles and verification process with sellers and ask their consent to The Etho’s Terms of Use and Seller Expectations.

3. QuestionnaireSellers not possessing any of the official Fair Trade or Organic certifications (having a third party auditing or internal monitoring system reaching all the way to the worker level) are required to fill in The Etho's Ethical Production Questionnaire. It maps the functions and production chain of sellers' products and aspects related to The Etho's Core Ethical Principles. The comprehensive questionnaire is based on auditing questions used in Fair Trade, covering environmental and employer welfare-related issues through 29 questions.

     A). The information from each seller is analyzed individually and any additional information needs or needs for improvements are taken up with the seller. After providing all the needed information and completing the process successfully, the seller's products receive The Etho verified status in our online shop. The questionnaire/production update will be done annually, on top of regular communication with the sellers.

     B). In case a non-certified seller refuses to share the requested information, The Etho abstains from selling these products.

     C). A periodical analysis and summary on the ethical questionnaire responses (keeping the sellers' details anonymous) will be shared with all sellers for mutual learning and sharing.

4. Impact ReportingThe Etho will report on its activities and impact in an annual impact report, released in the first quarter of the following year.


Why is there a Verification Fee? 

  • As part of The Etho Verification and Renewal process, a professional in our Verification Team will review the information provided about your supply chain. The Etho Verification Team will analyze your answers to the 30+ questions that are very much similar to questions used in Fair Trade certifications, for example by the World Fair Trade Organization, WFTO.
  • You will have a one-time assessment of your raw materials and the environmental impact of the production. Additionally, the Verification Team is assessing the employee-related aspects of your business to ensure fair labor practices are in place.
  • You may possibly receive follow up questions. The discussion that follows is a great learning opportunity, as The Etho Verification Team will also provide you with additional information related to our internal assessment:\ this could be regarding protecting the environment, sustainable materials, or wages, to name a few.
  • The process is a great learning opportunity and a very cost-efficient way of preparing for any other ethical certification (such as World Fair Trade Organization); or if you are planning on applying for funding from any INGO/EU/Government or even the possible questions you may receive from the conscious consumers today.
  • Through the Verification process, The Etho has provided support for our Brands by providing resources such as:\
         - Introductions to other brands for possible sourcing of more ecological materials
         - Guidance on legal minimum wages and living wages of the sourcing countries
         - Research findings on the ecological footprint of different materials
         - Information and links to international Fair Trade organizations for additional certifications that may be of value to {brand name}
  • You can use the ”The Etho Verified” logo on your web page, which links to the description of the verification process on our site for interested customers and stakeholders.