Block prints of prosperity are imprinted on hand spun ivory fabric framed with crimson depth. These ethical and sustainable shoes capture the element of passion, a reminder of your ambition and a reason to step out and cease the day. Designed for comfort, this loafer is perfect for outdoor walks, coffee meets and impressing ambitious dates.


* 100% handmade.
* PETA Certified Vegan.
* Soles made from upcycling rubber from scrap tires, and are slip-free.
* The upper is made of cotton and dyed using Ajrakh technique.
* Lined with breathable cotton fabric.
* Upcycled soft cushion padding on the bottom for day-long comfort.

This pair of Funkies is designed and produced in an ethical and sustainable manner. It not only considers the environment but also empowers underprivileged cobblers.