Argan & Mushroom Facial Serum

Hydrate and plump skin with the Argan and Mushroom Extract Serum. Argan Oil is blended with other vitamin packed oils like Hemp, and Jojoba, superfruit extracts, plant derived collagen and essential enzimes, to create a moisturizing and nourishing serum. The MUSHROOM extract is a powerful antioxidant and natural moisturizer, and it is known to help brighten the skin naturally, lighten age spots, and even out the overall skin tone, without causing unwanted redness or irritation, as synthetic whitening chemical agents do. ARGAN oil makes to an exotic addition to this serum. With it's high Vitamin E and fatty acid content, it is ideal to give skin a natural boost, as well as hydrate and soften. We added the HEMP OIL, for it's high amounts of omega 3 and omega 6, to help energize the skin's protective layer. It has a full amino acid spectrum, meaning that it provides complete protein, and a high mineral content. The willow bark will help with blemishes naturally, without the harsh effect that synthetic salicylic acid can have. Collagen Is key to keeping your skin functioning younger, by boosting your skin structure, and helping it to look full, smooth and elastic. It smells and feels amazing, making skin feel softer, vibrant, and hydrated, without any sticky residue. It absorbs easily, and gives skin a glowing, flawless texture. This formula is packed with essential ingredients to give your skin the help it needs for a natural glow, while effectively fighting free radicals. All ingredients used are organic, and carefully selected to be of the highest quality. We handcraft this serum in small batches, to ensure the maximum freshness and potency of the ingredients.
Type: Beauty