Carpet Deodorizer

Smelleze® Eco Carpet Smell Removal Powder removes carpet odor without masking with harmful fragrances. Carpet smell doesn't stand a chance. Safe for people, pets & planet. This green carpet odor remover smell removal deodorizer really works to get rid of carpet urine, carpet dog & carpet cat odors. Simply sprinkle and smell the difference Eliminates odors instead of covering them up Eco-friendly, safe, non-toxic, natural, odorless Significantly improves indoor air quality Does not stain carpets, rugs, & upholstery Made in USA Natural, safe mineral ingredients that don't just mask odors with some harsh scents like many generic products, they absorb and eliminate the actual chemicals that are causing the odors. Furthermore, they don't emit or contain any hazardous chemicals so they are beneficial to chemically sensitive individuals.
Type: Home Goods