Activated Carbon Deodorizer

Freshen up your space with our activated carbon deodorizer, made from 100% natural bamboo and engineered for superior smell removal. Our eco-smart, non-toxic, and fragrance-free formula is reusable for many years. The eco-formula is strong enough for nasty odors and safe to use around people, the planet, and pets, and beneficial for individuals suffering from allergies and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Made from 100% natural bamboo charcoal Simply place near odor and/or on air vents Naturally rids odors without harmful scents Also filters out toxic chemical impurities Outlasts smell since it's reusable for years Just place in sunlight to refresh & reuse Totally portable & doesn't need power Fragrance–free, chemical-free & odor-free Perfect for any home or business area
Type: Home Goods